One of the hardest things to do is communicate with parents. Matt Montange and I have created a group on Facebook that we think will help build the connection. Please search out Parents as Partners Facebook group and add your self. Not a member yet? Check out for more posts on parent involvement

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So how has this been working? What age group are you using it with? I have a 4th gr teacher that would like to use facebook with her parents. She is concerned with students being able to jump to parents sites, after school hours, that might be inappropiate. How did you handle this? Anyhelp or suggestions would be appreciated. Dave
the word is still out on using FB to connect with parents. Suggest your teacher set up her own website/classroom blog or the like to connect with the parent of the children in her class.
i like this! i live in another city and i like to keep in touch with my family not only through cellphones but also through facebook because its easier to send pictures and to update them on what im up to. sometimes you arent able to notify your sisters or brothers about everything, however, you'll always have time to update your facebook status.
Yes I would be curious as to how this would work and what the positives and negatives would be.
I feel as if this could be a great asset to your relationships with parents. I personally follow many things on facebook. As popular as facebook is, it would be very easy to connect with the parents. You could easily make a note and tag your parents in, and they could see what was going on in your class.



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