When preparing a presentation to staff recently on the educational rationale for using blogs and wikis I came across this at Techlearning.
Andrew Churches has done a brilliant job of linking digital technologies to Bloom's taxonomy of thinking skills.
Unsurprisingly, publishing work in wikis and blogs is a great way to get students working in the 'Creating' element of the taxonomy.

This is just the sort of work we need to bring out the why of wikis and blogs rather than just the how. Check it out!

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Good information, thanks for passing it on. N.
Great point. I'm anxious to share this link with the teachers who serve gifted and talented students in my district.
Too bad only G&T use Blooms! :)
Have you seen this great site on the revised Blooms that any regular ed. elementary math or science teacher could use. I love the science experiment form on this site.
Great minds think alike---I was going to mention the revised Bloom's to you!!
I should have mentioned that it was based on the revised taxonomy.
Thanks, this is a really useful article, and good defense of Web 2.0 in general!
This works for podcasting as well. I have been looking for articles and information like this to help me develop assessment tools for my class podcast. Thank you for posting this.
I should also have mentioned Andrew Churches' excellent 'Educational Origami' wiki where he has rubrics for all sorts of digital tasks, including one for podcasts
I agree. I have passed on this Digital Blooms to my colleagues. They all loved it and saw it very relevant to our role as helping teachers and leaders move away from just 'doing' ICT to learning and thinking with ICT.
I did read this article and thought it was outstanding! It is a great way to "justify" the use of technology to those who are too nervous and think it's a waste of time.



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