Hi there, anyone able to recommend my a good service for e-portfolio. I only know weefolio - Let me know more about your experiences on this topic please:)

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Hi Hans,
you may be interested in MAHARA which is open source, we used it for the MOSEP project on ePortfolios I told you about. It has got all functions you need for working professionally with students. If you want to test it I can get you in contact with a colleague who runs a version on his server for teacher training purposes. Just let me know.
Hi Sigi,

I will love to see what your colleague di with Mahara of teacher training. Would it be possible to have access to that? I'm in charge of the training at my school and I'm looking for a good tools to help me.
Thank you
Hi Sigi,

I too would like to see Mahara in action. We are planning to start using it later this year but I would love to get a better feel for it before we set it up here.


I have never even heard of weefolio. But a quick looks makes it appear pretty nice. My plan was to use Google Sites as an e-portfolio. Working on getting Google Apps for Education so this will be a much easier process.
I too plan to use google apps (sites). We just got our middle school accounts set-up.
Roger how long did it take you to get approved? It has been several weeks for me so far, and I don't want to start sending messages over and over again to ask.
It was a slow process about 4 weeks.



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