Greetings to all: I am a technology resource teacher in Virginia and am interested in a collaboration video with some schools in international countries or distinctive areas in the U.S. (in other words, away from the Atlantic Coast) such as Alaska, Hawaii, etc. I thought it would be interesting for some students in both of my buildings (5/6th grades--10-12 year olds) to video tape a typical day in our schools. Likewise, students in your schools would do the same and we'd have a wealth of resources to share (would tie in with the seven continents Standards of Learning). Is this practical? Anyone that would want to participate? You never know if you don't ask!

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Hi fellow participants: we have shot our raw footage and are rendering movies on Monday. We should be ready to share very, very soon!
Brian. How did this go? I just had a look at the thread this afternoon and it looked really interesting. If your still interested in doing this with a New Zealand Classroom our Kids would be well pleased... it seems very similar to the work our students do on our blogpage, which is if you want to have a look. We'd loved to be involved in this with you or anyone else who is reading.
I have been a way for a week from school on a trip to Tasmania (400km boat sailing excercise overnight) with years 9 and 10 students, so we are a little behind with things. Students have started their videos and I am hoping to have the videos finished next week.
Would you consider a class in rural Virginia?
Hi Brian,
Aloha from Hawaii. Are you still interested in a video collaboration project? I see you posted your message in April.
I teach Japanese language and culture to 6th graders in Honolulu, Hawaii. My students will be working on a video project from January 2009. The students will create an imovie video introducing basic Japanese vocabulary and expressions. Do you think your students would be interested in learning a little Japanese? Let me know.
check out
go to the digital storytelling section
We had children ages 7-16 create stories about what they do outside of school. You'll see a section about
how you can collaborate with these children. They speak french - so this would be best for a French teacher, but I couldn't resist - your students will just love watching these as a starting point to see what digital story telling is about. And you might get some ideas of how to put your project together. We did this in a school with no running water and no electricity. So take heart - you can do it! :)
There is a complete discussion about how we put this together etc. etc. Enjoy!
If you'd like to skew the project a little to reflect more of an American History/Civic Education/Government (to accommodate international students) focus, you could share your videos on Remix America and the students would, in turn, be able to remix the videos however they saw fit!

Check out the tools on

We can talk about creating a channel that your students could submit to surrounding a main theme and we'd design it especially for you!
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