Greetings to all: I am a technology resource teacher in Virginia and am interested in a collaboration video with some schools in international countries or distinctive areas in the U.S. (in other words, away from the Atlantic Coast) such as Alaska, Hawaii, etc. I thought it would be interesting for some students in both of my buildings (5/6th grades--10-12 year olds) to video tape a typical day in our schools. Likewise, students in your schools would do the same and we'd have a wealth of resources to share (would tie in with the seven continents Standards of Learning). Is this practical? Anyone that would want to participate? You never know if you don't ask!

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I'm interested! I would like to do the same with each of the states for my fourth graders studying the U.S. States.

Keep me posted on what you're thinking.
Chad--I used to teach fourth grade for many years. I appreciate your collaboration!
Thanks! I'll get back with you!
Hello from Minnesota! Would love to join your idea:) As a 20 year teacher, I am new to teaching from the computer lab but am loving it and ready to begin new ways to spread the minds and imaginations of all!!
Great! I'll get back with you!
Chad/Steph: I have a colleague lined up and she also has some ideas. We'd like to finish filming on May 29 (we're throwing a Colonial Fair as our wrap up: paper making/colonial cooking/colonial games/etc.). Is this agreeable to you? We'd finish rendering the movies and send them out after that?
Brian, I'm pretty sure I can meet that deadline. I'll pick a few sixth graders and we'll get it done. I'll keep you posted on the progress.
I will be starting a project this week, April 14th, that will be titled " A day in the Life of a 5th Grader at Mtn. View Elementary", posting on our website, my classroom blog and teacher tube. How should we set up an exchange?
Hi Brian,

your idea sounds great: if you need european viewpoint about students daily life in south of france, we can try with my students of Grade 6 and 7. Check out our educational social network which gathers more than 450 students from France, Italy, Romania, Lituania, Poland and so on. You can suggest your ideas to my european colleagues and students.

Tell me just what's your dead-line and if you want a funny or a serious video :)

Have a good day,
Vincent: Yes, we'd LOVE to have an European view. We're thinking of early June after state testing is done (an American tradition: test/test/test/test/...). I'll get back with you.
ok i'll talk about you idea to my students next week (holidays now !)
Hi Vincent--our server doesn't look to kindly to Google Earth because of broadband issues, so we're going to try at home.



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