Greetings to all: I am a technology resource teacher in Virginia and am interested in a collaboration video with some schools in international countries or distinctive areas in the U.S. (in other words, away from the Atlantic Coast) such as Alaska, Hawaii, etc. I thought it would be interesting for some students in both of my buildings (5/6th grades--10-12 year olds) to video tape a typical day in our schools. Likewise, students in your schools would do the same and we'd have a wealth of resources to share (would tie in with the seven continents Standards of Learning). Is this practical? Anyone that would want to participate? You never know if you don't ask!

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We would be happy to join in. I teach grades 6 and 7 and we are in Hawkesdale, Victoria, SE Australia. We could go with whatever topic is chosen but completing a little travelogue of our farms and small country town might be of interest.
Anne! Fascinating! Thank you--our students do not know much about Australia, so this will help with our studies of the seven continents. We're thinking late May--is this OK with you? We're putting on a Colonial Fair (1700's era) at the school and want to include that.
That is fine, Brian. Just let me know when you want us to get involved.
Hi gang! We met to plan and map out our videos and have bought video cameras (we're as excited as the kids!). We have a big Colonial Fair (butter making, paper making, colonial cooking, ad infinitum) on May 29, so that will be our wrap up. Rendering films sould not take long, so now comes the time to think how to share our videos. How about if I set up a Wiki site?
Hi Brian

ok for May 29. Just some suggestions: it would be funny if we try also...

1. to create interactions between our students during the work in progress: it's great for friendship and motivation.
2. to create interactions between us as teachers to lest us know better all together: i can easily create for your project FlashMeeting Conferences (and we can record sessions too :) ! ): if you agree, i need your GMT to find good hours and good dates. For example, in France during spring/summer we are on GMT +2. What about you ?
3. in my educational network, all my students join other students all over the world and the problem for me is to multiply numeric workplaces for us. So my intention is to create a special group for your project in my ning. The name is "Quiet Days in... / Jours Tranquilles à ..." (Tribute to the famous "Quiet Days in Clichy" written by Henry Miller)
Hi Vince did I miss this flash meeting. I was away on a school trip. My time zone is gmt+10 if it is still a goer and I have not missed out.
Well up for it Brian would be a great little project after we've finished our exams. Send me the details of what you want. If you want to get a flavour of what our school is like a a general level then check out

Cheers Steve
Thanks, Steve--we're wanting to see what "A Day in the LIfe of Our School" is like--teachers, classes, any distinctives that would paint a picture of a typical day. We're looking for three to five minutes. We're in testing mode here, so all my teachers (71) are edgy. I'm looking to render our video on May 30 and send it out afterwards.
Geographic riddles for our schools

I have created five geographic riddles to localize our different schools. Tell me if it's right, anf if you think that's the game is funny for your students. Enjoy !
And please join this group !

Click on the links to play... Good luck and post a comment to tell us if you win or fail...

Clique sur les liens pour commencer à jouer... Bonne chance et poste un commentaire pour nous dire si tu as trouvé ou échoué...






Funny isn't it ?...
This is a great idea Vincent, to do some research on our schools prior to the project. So thank you for setting it up. I enjoyed finding out where the schools are. We are so different to you others, as we are set in a small rural town of 150 people, amongst farming lands.
Thank you Anne,

My 6 Grade students are creating now their own riddles :) in a new group "Geographic Riddle Challenge". Some of them are in fench AND in english like this new one created by Pauline, 11 years old, even if her english is not very correct :)
Hi. I just launched a social learning site at Please check it out and let me know if this would work for your project and we can figure out a way to help. Thanks!



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