I used to wish my school would spring for an interactive whiteboard. This year, however, I got a projector in my room and recently added a wireless drawing pad. After using these, I don't see much need for an interactive whiteboard.

With google docs, sketchcast, and another tool I just found - Imagination Cubed, I can do most things I've seen iboards do. When I throw in the wireless sketchpad, I have even more freedom and the kids can "manipulate" things on screen themselves. ( I've written more about the tools I use on my blog).

All this comes for significantly less money than iboards. Does anyone else use a similar setup? Are there iboard users who think that a simple projector and sketchpad can't measure up?

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Dear Patti,
Most laptops have a VGA output, examine the XP loaded laptop a little more carefully, maybe it is hidden behind a cover. My old laptop has a cover over the connections.
If you can return the tablet for a refund, it is probably a pretty good idea to do so.

Most schools do not allow software to loaded into their laptop systems. Let me understand: Your personal laptop has W7 64bit without a VGA out.
The school laptop is XP with a VGA out. Do I understand correctly?

Most "slates" should operate as a mouse without software, but come with annotation software on disc. What brand / model is the slate that you purchased?
I appreciate the versatility of a document camera. Many teachers use them in our district and often prefer them to the Interactive white board. I think whatever you use, use it well. It's a blessing to have so many technologies to choose from.
My two personal laptops have XP and Win-7 (64 bit). The school desktop has XP and laptop is a Mac. I found the VGA on my Win-7.

The graphics tablet does not have a name on it. The software is for the drivers, annotation software, etc. The drivers cannot be found online....I have looked. They are only on the CD that came with the tablet. It will be used like a mouse, but it needs a driver installed. For some reason it won't work on my personal laptop with XP. My tech guy came today to try it on the school's XP desktop and the MAC, but I had left it at home.

It is not a slate.just a graphics tablet to draw on...usable like a mouse pen. I will return it if it won't work at school. I love it on my Win-7 laptop. The kids would love to use it to draw and do math on the Smartboard. I hope it works at school.
My Vista 64 bit touchscreen gives me all sorts of problems with slowdowns etc.



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