This is an offshoot from a discussion started here about what people use their interactive whiteboards for.

A disclaimer: I am presenting about IWB's in a couple of weeks and am trolling for material :)

What really interests me is that there is a perception that IWBs cater more for primary (elementary) students in terms of interactivity. There seems to be a multitude of online resources that lend themselves to teaching primary students and the board software, e.g. ActiveStudio for Promethean boards, does not come prepared for the rigours of say, high-school level mathematical equations, yet has a billion cute clipart images preinstalled.

The boards aren't inherently interactive, voting systems excluded, despite the hype. So what do you do in your secondary classroom to make the interaction?

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I use the whiteboard to teacher calculator use - I have the TI smartview program which when used with the whiteboard becomes an interactive way for students to practice the step in using the calculator. I sometimes give the instructions to a student and let them decide how to teach the class how to do something like create box and whisker plots.

The one I use also has an interactive compass which I used to teach high school constructions. I was able to record and post them on the school site so students having trouble at home could watch the process as many times and as slowly as they wished. I have also found that geometer's skecth pad can be used interactively ths way.

In New York state we have a great review website for the state exams ( which has questions, games etc. that can become interactive classroom reveiw with the whiteboard.

Hope these ideas help.
The pre-packaged IWB software is OK but limited for a lot of the things a secondary teacher may want to do. But most departments will already have software that they use - the IWB just adds an extra dimension

so for science I am thinking Crocodile Physics or for maths one of the many dynamic geometry packages (Autograph, Cabri Geometry) etc. These already do what they do quite well.

Use the software, then if needed capture using the screen grab tool and bring into the iwb sofware for annotation (or annotate over the top and capture)

Some of the simpler features of the IWB software can still be used for quick intros or plenaries (such as the plenary circle idea)



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