Do you have ideas about building a good resource for showing people how to use Classroom 2.0

I'm very interested in how beginning users approach Classroom 2.0. What might be some good ways to help people get started?

This forum thread was started as part of a live demonstration of Classroom 2.0. If you want to see the recording of that session, please go to

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Watch the archived session that Steve hosted for new users to Classroom 2.0
I wonder if we could get Lee at Common Craft to create a short "Classroom 2.0 in Plain English" video?
I emailed and ask him, I'll let you know what he says. N.
Got a nice return email from Common Craft with a "thanks for thinking of us but we are tooo busy". That is good for them but bad for us. Do you think we should contact the drawing guy who does the UPS commercials? Or is that thinking too big??? Ha
Another option and one I'm considering for my own site is to "voicethread" it. Put photos up of different parts of the network and have an audio / visual commentary (you can use the pencil there). If users have a problem, they can leave a message on that particular voicethread picture and users can collaboratively respond in kind.

All it takes is the time to take the photos of the pages and then have different members do an "audio" for it. I think this would really work and moreover, be a good place to deposit member questions. I'll be doing this shortly for EFL Classroom - not just to help users in the functional sense but also promote the use of voicethread through this backdoor approach.

Like here, on EFL Classroom, I find maybe only 5% of users ever go and look at my elaborate (I'm patting myself on the back :)) FAQ page.

I was going to say the same thing. VoiceThread is a great choice for an informative and interactive instructional medium.
In addition to, or instead of, still photos you could have short screencasts.
I find the Plain English videos from Common Craft to be the most intuitive, and they cut to the chase. The twitter one, was not the best, BUT the wiki and RSS ROCK!. Use wiki and GoogleDocs one with my principal and he "got it" pretty quickly. If you could get one on Classroom 2.0/Ning, it would be great.
We recently created a lesson plan with full visuals on setting up an account. It can be accessed here:
Thank you!!!!
I'm doing a staff workshop in social networking in the classroom and that will be so helpful!
You might try BubblGuru as a means of quickly directing folks somewhere when they get to the site.

Good luck!
Cool. I'd never seen that!



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