Hi, My wife and I have been teaching for 15 years and came up with a program where 100's of merchants will donate money directly back to the teacher to offset out of pocket expenses. The website www.cashforclassrooms is live and we are just new trying to add some content to it. My Friend told me about these social networks and that is a way to let all the other teachers in the US know about this new cash back teacher program. Any ideas on how to let teachers know about this program? Do we set up a new social network? Blog? We wish we were smarter at these web things as the teachers who have used the program just love it.

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This looks like an awesome opportunity! I will share this with representatives from each of our 27 buildings at an upcoming PD. Thanks!
Hi Barbara,
Thanks for the reply. I have to doctor up the website a little bit and put something from me the founder and add a little content but it is functional and working. Yeah, I hope that teachers all over the US can take advantage of this free money program for teachers. It took me a long time to get all these merchants to agree on giving money back to the teachers. I appreciate you spreading the word and I was thinking about doing a referral program that if you refer a teacher to cash for classrooms and they make a purchase, then you would get something. My wife and I have to think about that one a little bit. Any suggestions on your part. I am open for ideas! Thanks Dean



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