I'm interseted in setting up a trial voicethread with children (Year Six - 11yrs old) who are moving on to secondary school ( Year 7). I think my pupils would be interested to see if they have the same thoughts and feelings as other children all over the world. Just thought this might be an interesting little transition project.

If anyone is interested then let me know and I'll set it up and we can agree the format etc.

Cheers Steve

Manchester UK (Right next to the mighty Man United - I can see Old Trafford from my school - COME ON YOU REDS!)

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Hi steve i'm very glad to join you here because it's not really easy to meet teachers from UK, even in european network... specially because i'm also a football fan (you win agains Lyon Grrrrr :) ! )
I just write you because i have also a Grade 6, because you replied to the discussion about video project of Brian, and because you are interested by VoiceThread: we use them a lot with many teacher in pur network School Beyond the Walls, even with students: check out please, and tell me if you are interestes to join also our ning for projects in the future. When the students of a teacher join us, i give admin status to the teacher: it's the best way to teach/learn together, be sure ! Sorry for my poor english !


PS: i'm a supporter of Marseilles Team with my son :)
I would be interested to work on this with you as well but we are a prep to year 12 school so the majority of students stay on in our school. Another complication is the fact that our school year finishes in Dec and not June. However, it may be interesting to compare the different systems anyway.
Sounds like things might be possible. I'm thinking only a few screens with a question like how do you feel about moving to your new school? What will be the biggest change? Any suggestions.

I don't want to set up loads of individual accounts so I'll probably get my students to say Hi may names etc. I would like to have a go at setting it up after the 19th May as we have tests here in the UK the week before.

It would be cool if we also had some website addresses to have a look at your schools to give a better idea of the place etc.

Thanks for the responses any suggestions?

Okay Steve, my grade 6s blogs are linked under the heading technosixes, at www.murch.globalteacher.org.au Some of them posted about where we live for a project "From me to you" So if you scroll down through them your students may find some interesting things. Or if you goto www.backyard.globalstudent.org.au and click on the about us page there are some movies on our school and Hawkesdale where we live. What about you? What is your url?
Hi Steve,
I teach in elementary school in Israel.
I'd like to have my English speakers take part in this - we finish school on June 30th so any time in May, June should suit us fine, (that is if there aren't any big changes in our timetable)

By the way, I lived in Manchester for about 2 years - worked in a Jeans shop in the Arndale center.(Think that was the name of the center, the big one in Manchester town center)
I love stuff like this! I still find it insane that people from all over the world can communictae like this. Without sounding like a 60's dropout I think it can only bring the kids closer together.

I've just set up the thread as a trial. If you email me then I'll invite you so you can have a look. Probably the best way of continuing the discussion is on the thread itself. So leave whatever comments you think.

my email is kingsroad.skirkpatrick@traffordlearning.org

my school website is www.kingsroad.ik.org come in and have a look around. If you want to leave a message then feel free to do so.

twitter is www.twitter.com/mrkp

I'm really excited by the possibilities - sad and tecchie but true!
I've also posted the voicethread on my blog if you want to have a look and leave a comment.


Cheers Steve
Hi Steve, I added a comment to the voicethread. Very nice thread! My mail is stsairi[at]gmail.com
I added a comment on your blog, but dont think I said where I was from. Guess the accent gives it away.
see more ways teachers are using Voicethread at: http://voicethread4education.wikispaces.com/



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