I need to gather some baseline data some grant reporting - can anyone recommend an online technology proficiency assessment tool for students. Most middle school students I encounter are pretty tech savvy, but we want to assess their tech habits for academic areas, project based learning, and productivity. Thanks!

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If there isn't a ready made product you could make one with Wufoo or some other survey maker.


Please get in contact with me if you have any questions or feel that
I can help in any way.

Lance Kimball
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I have a variety of tech assesments for students, teachers, and schools listed at http://theinnovativeeducator.wikispaces.com/TIE%27s+Tech+Assessments.
Hi Kay,
http://www.learning.com/ - Learning.com, the premier provider of Web-delivered curriculum and assessment, partners with schools across the United States to improve student learning outcomes.

ETS organized the 2001 International ICT Literacy Panel — an international group of leaders in education, business and government — to analyze issues and approaches to measuring ICT literacy. From this research, ETS partnered with a consortium of institutions of higher education to develop the iSkills™ assessment.

The iSkills assessment helps you ensure your students are ready for success in academia and the workforce. The iSkills assessment:

measures your students’ ability to navigate, critically evaluate and make sense of the wealth of information available through digital technology — so you can make the necessary changes to narrow skill gaps
is the only ICT literacy test that assesses critical thinking in the digital environment
tests the range of ICT literacy skills aligned with nationally recognized Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) standards
helps you identify where further curriculum development is needed so students have the ICT literacy skills they need to succeed
Hope this helps.

You can train your students with help of Test Generator Lab. It's offline exam maker for your assessment tool for students. You create exam question on your own and assess their tech habits for academic areas, project based learning, and productivity. Test Generator Software free download is available. You can check features available in this tool. If you have doubts contact epractizelabs support team. 



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