Our school is doing some planning for next year. Few people in our district even know about web2.0 technology applications in education. Can you help us introduce the applications to our computer teachers and media specialists? Describe one (if you do alot, then more than one) project or activity you do using web2.0 that would be compelling enough to get someone who knows nothing about web2.0 (or is resistant) to pay attention. Do you blog with your students? Do they participate in a wiki? Did VoiceThread work really well? We need to start small, baby steps, so if you took a baby step this year and it was successful, please share! I have a survey here: http://spreadsheets.google.com/viewform?key=pjUbSuNuNJ0bL5zWACKOaRA and/or post to this forum. Thanks!

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I have a great paper blog activity you can use...I forgot who I "borrowed" it from , but it's great!
I've also given them web 2.0 vocab words and then they had to find two or more people whose words "matched" (well, at least they did to them!) and then they learned movie maker and made a movie to prove they knew it...it was the BEST!
My kids have done some great projects over the years, some use Web 2.0 tools and some don't. The best work I have ever done as a teacher is Guardians of Freedom--a year long study of WWII that ended with recording the oral histories of 54 WWII veterans. We've done several other big projects CSI:Cemetery Scene Investigation and Titanic in the Classroom (currently in progress). You can see all our other blogs, wikis, Moodles, and curriculum units here.
Thanks Nancy and Cindy for your replies. Nancy, I'll be checking out your links and adding them to my "Projects that Really Happened" list that I'm going to give my teachers at the end of the year meeting.



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