I am starting a classroom blog on edublogs and I was wondering what others have found useful about them, and some ideas on what they do with them. I am planning on making it a type of weekly assignment to respond to posts or write their own. My website is basic right now. I have not really gotten anything done with it because I am not starting it til the fall.

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Hello David. We started a class(es) blog last year based on the theme of our backyard (http://backyard.globalstudent.org.au) as we were researching our local volcanic region. This year, students have been given their own individual blogs, but a grade 6 class blog has just been set up for highlighting great blog posts, multimedia, class newsletters, student of the week, blogging tips etc Students were asked what they wanted on their class blog and you can see their answers at http://murcha.wordpress.com/2008/04/26/what-grade-6-students-want-o... My info tech type blog at http:murch.globalteacher.org.au includes the following to set blog posts, share blog posts and prompts with global schools etc We are in the process of working out what should be pages, categories, widgets etc. Blogging is a rich and rewarding exercise for all concerned.
Your site looks very good. I like the idea of asking the students what they want on it and expressing it in a way that is common for them. I may be off, but isn't that a word cloud?

Did you find better use in a class blog then in individual blogs?
We use our student blog strictly for reflection and "free" writing. I thought when we first started that I would have to prompt and they would respond, but it didn't take long for the kids to take the lead. I start discussions but with no expectation that any one will even respond. They are more interested in discussing with each other, we even have some parents who blog with us. Stop by!



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