I am looking for a good note taking program to replace Microsoft One Note. I love One Note and use it all the time. I just got the Asus EeePC and it runs on Linux. I want a note taking program that will work on it. In searching the internet I found one called Basket Note Pads that sounds promising, but can't seem to get the download to work. It is a .gz file that my computer doesn't know what to do with. Has anyone used Basket Notes? Is there a program out there you like better?

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In order to open the .gz file on a pc, you could use 7zip, the .gz is a compressed file (could probably use gzip too, but 7zip is much easier - IMO). The only problem that you might have, is that while these computers are Linux, the "distro" and desktop theme (KDE or Gnome) do make some differences. Depending on the "distro" (flavor of Linux - I think it uses Xandros?) how to add programs varies (yum, apt-get, etc), but usually a quick search will give you pretty easy to follow instructions on how to install.

I just found this link for another Notetaking software

found in this link:




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