I've been recently introduced to VoiceThread and am thinking of using it in my classroom as a critique activity.
I'm trying to get an idea of how some of you are using it for critique assignments or activities. Any insight or comments would be greatly appreciated.

Mike Sacco
Paul J. Gelinas JHS
Setauket, NY

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I collect samples of Voicethread projects at http://voicethread4education.wikispaces.com and there are some art samples on the 9-12 pages. Check them out and add your own if you make some.
Hi Mike,

I think VoiceThread is a fabulous tool for students to use to provide each other with descriptive feedback and to self-evaluate. Recently, my Grade 6 students choreographed and performed group dance routines, which we taped. The videos were uploaded to a VoiceThread with the criteria and the rubric we created to guide their design process. Students were invited to provide feedback to each group using the language of the rubric. I was impressed with their insight and the encouragement they offered each other.

Good luck with this, and let us know how it turns out!

Cheers, Jan
Hi Mike,

I teach art history at a community college and use VT regularly in my online classes for discussing images and assessing my students' understanding of visual concepts. I have been eager to encourage some of my colleagues in the art studio area to use VT for critiques and also building virtual portfolios that include the student's insights about his/her own work. I think VT is a PERFECT tool for this type of use. I'd love to see any of your attempts. Good luck!

Here is a discussion using VT from one of my Women in Art classes.

And another in which I've used the web cam to provide feedback on visual concepts.

I am using it for the first time in January with my 8th grade history class. The students are writing historical fiction about a Colonial house that they are visiting. They are taking pictures during their visits. Then I wanted to use Voice Thread to have them read their stories and use the photos as illustrations. After that, we would share them and they could make comments on each others' stories. I haven't put together a rubric for it yet.

Any thoughts? Thanks,




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