Hello all. I am searching for a free course management system that can be hosted completely externally. The one I keep coming across is Edu 2.0. I’ve taken a tour of its features and am very impressed. I was wondering if anyone else out there is using Edu 2.0 and can tell me what they think about it. Also, are there other free online course management systems worth looking at? Cheers.

Edu 2.0

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Andrew, have you looked at Yacapaca yet? Over 1000 courses already on there, plus tools to create your own. And free. And hosted. Yacapaca focuses on automating and/or improving the management of assessment, in order to free teachers up for more productive things .... like teaching.

What Yacapaca does not do so well is ram piles of content down kids' throats. It assumes that they will be active learners. And guess what happens when you work from that assumption...

I had a look at Yacapaca, man it's terrible. Theres no instructions on how to create new stuff, i spent a lot of time looking to create new stuff there and couldn't find anything that even came close to suggesting how to do that. There are many things already there and these I found really easily. Also getting to use these was easy but creating a new one, I couldn't find anything After about 30 minutes of roaming around the help section I gave up with it :-( When it says create does it mean to create something for my student to use that already exists there? Is it actually possible to create something completely new from scratch, if so I think it needs a create button on the front page somewhere. Maybe its me not seeing it but I spent a lot of time looking to see how it could be done. Any ideas anyone?
Hi John, really sorry you did not find the instructions you needed. For future reference, here are the authoring instructions from the Help wiki.

Did you join an authoring group? First thing you see under the Author tab. Yacapaca's model is that authoring is collaborative; one person working by themselves rarely produces excellent stuff, but working together what you can do is amazing. Once you join an authoring group you will find a very supportive community to help you create whatever you want. I recommend you start with the Sandpit, then move onto one of the ESOL groups once you are ready.

Did you find the Help Videos? Top right of most, but not all, pages. They can be good for getting started. In English only, unfortunately. The skin will auto-set to Brazillian Portuguese if you have set that your browser/system prefs.

A good place to post general questions is the Sandpit message board. You will usually get an answer within a few hours.

Clearly we need to make the Help more accessible. If a web-savvy guy like you is having problems then most teachers will really struggle. And we will, I promise.
I'm very interested in this as well. What I'd like to learn is what are the differences between Edu 2.0 and Moodle?
Hi Abby. Moodle can do many of the things that Edu 2.0 can do, but it must be installed and administered on a local server. Edu 2.0 is hosted externally on their own servers and does not require any server administration on your part. This is what I'm looking for because my school does not want to open that can of worms. Incidentally, in my searches I have also discovered Ecto Learning, another free, hosted course management system similar to Edu 2.0. I am torn between the two and would love to hear comments from people who have evaluated both of them.

Just out of curiosity, what 'can of worms' does your school not want to open? Moodle can be installed easily on any decent webhost, and even comes as a standard package install on many such as blurstorm.com
I think it's simply a budgetary issue. We do not have a server to install Moodle on, and we don't have the budget to buy one. Otherwise, I've heard Moodle is easy to install and administer.
I thought that Moodle could be hosted externally, up to a point. Can you clarify this for me - at what number of users does Moodle need to be hosted on a district server? Thanks!
I have discovered that you can enjoy all the benefits of Moodle while having it hosted externally using Ninehub. As far as I can tell, this site is completely free and unlimited. Have a gander. It might be your solution.
I've been able to host Moodle externally though using a site hosted by Lunarpages. They offer free sites to K-12 teachers and there was neat feature to add-in certain programs and Moodle was on the list. One click and the databases and site was created. I don't know if they still offer an interface that makes the installation that easy, but it might be worth a look.
Are you aware of any districts that are using Edu 2.0 (or Ecto Learning) district-wide? I love how easy it is for an individual to set up classes, but haven't seen any examples of it being used district wide.

I'd like to select something to implement on a small-scale 2008-2009 that could be scaled up district-wide for 2009-2010. Thanks!
Have you looked into Moodle? Yacapaca is a nice one as well. Moodle can be installed on a server and be used for an entire school district, or you can use Moodle's servers free. Yacapaca is also nice free service for classroom environments. Check them out and compare. Personally Moodle is my favorite.



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