Hello all. I am searching for a free course management system that can be hosted completely externally. The one I keep coming across is Edu 2.0. I’ve taken a tour of its features and am very impressed. I was wondering if anyone else out there is using Edu 2.0 and can tell me what they think about it. Also, are there other free online course management systems worth looking at? Cheers.

Edu 2.0

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Hi John

> So my students should also see it in a larger font.
Provided you've not equipped them all with iPhones or Asus eees, yes.

> I just took over running the second school
I saw a tweet to this effect a couple of weeks ago. Congratulations!

> once we have some decent computers
Just FYI, part of the specification of Yacapaca is that it should run on just about anything. You would be amazed at the ancient kit we've got back at the office; just as fast as the latest 2GHz machines, though in fairness it is running Linux, not Windoze, there. Yacapaca is also kind to your network - equally important in a school setting.

I'll have to remember not to make them so long when they become more advanced
My private fantasy is to spend my dotage wandering around the world teaching refined assessment authoring and pedagogical techniques. One day...

Hopefully more people will join the Facebook group soon.
So far, the Facebook group has been a damp squib. People join, but there is very little discussion. The hot action is in the Sandpit message board within Yacapaca, which I know you have already discovered. Peer support remains a weak spot, if I am to be honest. We are working on it.

I love the animation too,
It amazes me how much ownership the students feel when they choose their own avatars. Simple enough, but it really does make a big difference. For interest, here's how the choice breaks down.

Really glad you are getting into Yacapaca!

Has anyone heard back from any Universities about nursing courses?
I know it's still early, but...
Loads of my friend that sent off UCAS heard stuff ages ago,
AND we have interviews, so thought the'ld be quite quick...

If it helps, I applied to, erm...

Uni of Leeds
Uni of Manchester
Chester Uni
Keele Uni
Sheffield Hallam

Anyone heard anything from these?
Or any others?
I hope this isn't already in this thread - but take a look at NineHub. You can get a hosted Moodle site for free. If you can palette the ads at the bottom of the page (they are not too bad). Take a look.
Hey there Andrew-
I'd like you to check out www.ectolearning.com and tell me what you think. I've used it for the past two years, and I'm quite surprised that I haven't seen it mentioned on Classroom 2.0. It's really easy to create learning content, the students can create their own pages, and you can add graded content as well. Plus, it's free, like it should be!
Let me know what you think.

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You can now register students directly at EDU 2.0 so that students don't have to sign up for their own account.

Hi Andrew. While I have taken a cursory look at Edu2.0 and a some of the the options mentioned, I am a strong proponent of Moodle. It has a terrific feature set, a dedicated development community, is very flexible, scales well, etc.

We have been using Moodle in my district for 3 years and as the person who supports it and uses it most, I am very happy with it. We happen to host it on our own server, but if you read the moodle.org web site you can find a number of low-cost to free hosting options.

Paying a modest fee for hosting makes sense, as it allows you nearly complete control of your Moodle installation and it is "dedicated" to your school or district. You aren't sharing one installation of a learning management system with hundreds or even thousands of users.

There a many resources available for learning to use Moodle. Packt publishing offers at least 3 books, and O'Reilly publishing one or two more. There are resoures on Edublog TV and other sites as well.

I have no connection to any of the companies mentioned above other than being a fan or user.
Had a Moodle site for a while, but a little turned-off with the new version 2.0 post-poned for launch. I had no problems installing and many webhosts have an "automated" Moodle configuration featured. People interested may want to look into this before purchasing/using a webhost.

It is not for the faint-of-heart, but incredibly powerful and feature-filled. I was the only one in my school using it and would have been very hard-pressed to convince the school to adopt for all. Not the easiest and many levels of tech comfort among faculty, so looking for something "easier" for everyone.

The truth of the matter is that unless you have a dedicated MOODLE faculty member(s) who will help with trouble-shooting issues, it is an expansive system that many would find frustrating to trouble-shoot on their own. Like I said, I had no problems, but then again, I know (usually) what I was doing.

Hope this helps. If I could go back (after launch of 2.0), I would. In fact, I will certain re-explore it when the newest version is officially launched.

Oh, also tried Edu 2.0 for a short period of time. I liked what I saw. Unfortunately, as our school began to dive into the Web2.0 world, decisions were made to use another Web 2.0 environment w/o thorough investigation of all possible options available, so I dropped Edu 2.0. Now, with a new drive to introduce online courses, I am again reinvestigating Edu 2.0 (and Edmodo).
You might this useful - it's a Prezi done by an EDU 2.0 teacher that compares EDU 2.0 vs. Moodle 2.0:


I think that most students and teachers would find EDU 2.0 to be a more modern interface that Moodle 2.0, especially now that EDU 2.0 supports important new features such as activity streams (which will be familiar to any who has used Facebook).

I've been using edu20 for close to a year now. It is very good, very easy, reliable and you get plenty of features for free. There are add-on features that can be had for a small fee. (I haven't tried them because I am trying not to draw too much attention to my class...long story, but it amounts to not having any budget at all). I am very happy with this product and I recommend it heartily. My students like it very much. They describe it as facebook for fifth graders.
Thanks for the shout-out!

And just to clarify for anyone who's reading - EDU 2.0 includes Facebook-like activity streams but they are private and you can control them to work within just a single class or within your school. You can also control who can post to them. But as E. Cohen mentioned, the user interface is quite similar to that of Facebook, which students really like!




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