Hi, my computer applications class will be utilizing Windows Movie Maker software next week and due to the scarcity of mini-dv cameras, I am looking for some free source material for them to edit. Apparently it has to be in wmv format. Are there any sites where I can have them download material to edit?

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TeacherTube videos can be download and converted into WMV files with zamzar.
Thanks, I'll try that.
Use a webcam and catch some amazing filmclips with the pupils acting.... or use ordinary pictures.
There are some free clips on www.archive.org maybe not so exiting... but anyway something to start with.
Funny, I found archive literally 5 minutes before your reply came in. Thank you so much for the help. I love this community.
if you are looking for music to use with your movies try jamendo.com all the music is under creative commons license. Try searching for creative commons videos and see what hits you get!

MSNBC allows for some of their videos to be downloaded as WMV files.

There are a number of sites that offer free WMV downloads. Google: Free WMV
If you have a United Streaming Account you can download editable movies. Try it out.



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