So, I was thinking about how schools and teachers and administrators think what technology integration is, and what it actually is.

Seems that a lot of teachers think that just putting a kid in front of a computer and having them do SOMETHING, ANYTHING, is technology integration.

So, I thought it would be cool to compile a list of the things that are NOT technology integration, that teahcers and administrators think is technology integration.

First on my list: Having kids sit in front of a computer to do a canned math/science/lang arts online lesson like Ticket to Read...

What would you put on the list?

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I like Tina's answer a lot. I would suggest if you're trying to change what's going on at your school is to make out a list with the different technology-related activities students are doing and could be doing, listed according to their Bloom's level. Pass these out to your teachers and commend them on taking the first steps, then ask them for their ideas on what can be done to take their school to the next level with technology.
This is an interesting topic to me and one that I will follow. Recently I attended the opening of FSU's I-CELTIC. This is the "Interdisciplinary Center for Leadership, Technology Integration, and Critical Literacies". Two of the presenters spoke directly to this topic and I thought that you all might be interested in going to their sites to learn more.

The first is Bob Kozma. He spoke to us about the questions ahead in the 21st Century and how we have to change the way we teach in order to catch up to the economic and technological changes that have already occurred. Of course we know that but he went into depth discussing the stages from technology literacy to knowledge deepening to knowledge creation (kids actually integrated).

Here are some of his links if you are interested:
Kozma (2005). National policies that connect ICT-based education reform to economic and social development.
Kozma (2008). ICT, education reform, and economic growth.
UNESCO (2008). ICT compentency standards for teachers.
The other presenter was Erin Reilly and she was great! Her organization is the New Media Literacies Project.



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