Has anyone had experience with the Interwrite board. The company has recently merged with e-Instruction. Their software of course will work with Exam View which comes with many of the textbooks that we are using. We had a demo on the board and the software, but wanted to know if anyone is using these boards in the classroom? Our district is looking at all options right now....Smart, Promethean and now Interwrite. We are trying to do a comparison on these systems including software, clickers, and ease of use. Any feedback on this would be great.

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Check this discussion on Classroom2.0 which has a little on Interwrite. It's mostly about Smart vs Promethean.
My college department has recently reviewed IWBs and has chosen eInstruction's board for our new computer lab in the fall. I've gone to presentations and demos on its board and really like what it can do. It has the software, clickers, etc. that go along with "just" the board. We're going to install the panel (sort of like a mini board) at the instructor desk so that we don't have to turn our backs to the students. I'd definitely recomment Interwrite/eInstruction's IWB.
What was the deciding factors for your decision to go with the eInstruction's IWB?
I have seen it in action. Also, there are other eInstruction/Interwrite IWBs on campus and those users have been happy.
Comecei a praticar há pouco tempo com o Interwrite. Penso que temos que fazer muitos materiais para preparar as aulas. Estou a comparar e a estudar outras ferramentas mais intra web 2.0 e edu 2.0
I've been using the Interwrite Pad which uses the same software as the board and really like it. My main problem with any IWB is that the teacher is still turning their back to the classroom. Besides that it's mostly the teacher who is interacting with the board and not the students. Where's the fun and learning in that?
With the pad the teacher is free to roam about the classroom for both classroom management and help. The pad can also be put in the hands of the students to show what they have learned, or construct a solution for a problem. Up to 7 pads can be connected to one computer for collaboration purposes.
Team that all up with the cost of the pad at $500 and it's very effective. We've had great support from Interwrite/eInstruction and one of their most effective things is the training they provide. Mostly 2 days with instruction on integration skills.
Back problems? :-) That's one reason that our new setup will have the panel at the instructor station so we can be facing the panel and the students. We'll have pads, too.
Smartboard is much better hardware.... for a stylus device I would suggest a Promthean Activeboard .... Edusim works well on the Interwriter but their stock software is not much to speak of.

You should take a look at GlobalScholar.com. They are an online tutoring company that also offers packages for schools. They feature a unique whiteboard with voice and drawing features that students can also access outside of the classroom. This is great for when they miss a day or two of class and can get caught up from home!
If all you need is the whiteboard, voice and drawing tool, any teacher can create a lesson on Sketchcast.com and embed it on a wiki or website for their students. There is no cost there.



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