Hello everyone! I've been trying to convince my boss to let me give away our new product, SimpleAssessment: Student Technology Proficiency, FREE to all districts at NECC. They think I'm crazy. I think it's a great idea.

I'm creating a report to prove to them why I think this idea is so amazing - mostly, they don't think districts would want to participate. I would love to include comments in my report about what actual tech coordinators/curriculum directors think about this!

My proposal is detailed below. Your comments are appreciated. Your support will hopefully help districts across the country assess the technology proficiency of all of their 8th graders - FREE.

Nothing is finalized but this is my pitch and a little bit about the product:

Our product: tech assessment administered online within a Learning Management System (LMS)

Promotion: All districts at NECC (and if you are replying and aren't attending I'm sure I can work something out for you!) will receive the following for FREE:

- School branded LMS
- Enough licenses for all of their 8th graders (Maximum 250)
- SimpleAssessment based on NETS-S 1998 Edition for PC
-SimpleAssessment based on NETS-S 1998 Edition for Mac
-Basic reporting

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this sounds WONDERFUL! But I am not attending NECC...can you help?

Terry Underkoffler
Methacton School District
I think it is wonderful that you want to share all of your hard work. I am in the same district as Terry and I would love to do this but we are not going to NECC. Can you help us out? We'd be willing to help you out too, we can share what we have.

Is this part of a graduate class?
Janice -

Thank you for your interested....no it's not for graduate school - its for work :) We normally charge a per student fee for the assessment, but I wanted to run a promotion for NECC this year. Cross your fingers that this will be approved! I think it would be a great way to help schools out at the beginning of the school year.
Lisa, I am interested in your proposal. I am still considering attending NECC this year. $$ is an issue. I will have to find out if our tech coordinator will be attending.

I would love to offer this tech assessment to our new Technology Applications teacher. Thank you!
This sounds very interesting. I will be at NECC. Where can we check this out?
This sounds great. I am very interested in using it with my 8'th grade classes. Please let me know how I can assist as well as how I can take advantage of this offer. I am not going to be able to make it to NECC this year.
I'm very interested and will be at NECC. How do I take you up on this offer?
Low on budget, not attending NECC; however, interested in the assessment.
Fill us in when it is ready. I would like to take a look at NECC.
This sounds wonderful and I know that you guys have put in a tremendous amount of time developing this test. If we are attending NECC, how do we get the information to gain access to this LMS?
Thanks for the interest everyone! I just found out this morning that the NECC promotion has been approved!

If you are going to be at NECC our booth number is #5036 - InfoSource Learning. You really can't miss us...we always dress up in Pajamas and bunny slippers - PDNPJ (professoinal development in your pajamas!) To register, stop by our booth and simply fill out a card. That will put you on the list for the free assessment. After the show we will get in contact with you individually to confirm that you definately want to participate. Then we'll set your school up with a site.

If you have any questions, feel free to direct message me! I'm also on Twitter as isi_techgirl.
I am very interested in your proposal, and will be at NECC. Will you send those of us that replied to this post your booth number so we can stop in and get details?



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