Has anyone heard back from any Universities about nursing courses?

I know it's still early, but...
Loads of my friend that sent off UCAS heard stuff ages ago,
AND we have interviews, so thought the'ld be quite quick...

If it helps, I applied to, erm...

Uni of Leeds
Uni of Manchester
Chester Uni
Keele Uni
Sheffield Hallam

Anyone heard anything from these?
Or any others?

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Hi Friend If u want to know about Nursing Courses so visit the Nursing University, Nursing doesn't require any qualifications as i know of, my sister has just finished her 3 years of nursing at university of leeds. you should get in easily as there is a huge need of nurses. Good luck. got remember the holidays have being on and i doubt they have being looking through them, either though i got a reply from leeds for mechanical engineering.



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