Hello all. I am considering implementing a Scratch unit with my 7th graders this fall. I have not played with the program much myself and am still discovering its capabilities.

Do you have any creative lesson ideas that incorporate Scratch programming? I am open to any topics, as I teach the students in a specialist instructional technology lesson. I am particularly interested in success stories from those of you who used Scratch with similarly-aged students. I'd love to see links to your projects. Thanks for your advice.

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I use Scratch with my 6th graders after soing Squeak in 5th. You can see my uniy here I posted the assignment and lots of resources on the page that may help you! Most os borrowed from others as well.
Thanks so much Kelley! That's an excellent resource!
That's great, thanks so much!!! I have used Scratch w/ my after school kids, but have really only showed them how it works and let them played w/ it. This will be a great way to give them something more organized and produce some "tangible" results.
Excellent wiki. I was getting ready to use Scratch with my summer school students and this is very helpful.
Our high school students were in a challenge to create a video game in scratch on a STEM concept. Here is what they created. http://scratch.mit.edu/users/pathways
Look at the commercial first and then try playing the game. It isnt perfect but it gives a good idea of what can be done. Also, MIT is having a conference on Scratch in July if you are in the area. We will be there presenting . Let me know if I can be of any other assistance.



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