A Voicethread Directory / Discussion area -- Share!

I have started avoicethread directory and discussion / sharing page on our community.

If you use voicethread in education, please visit and post up your link in the appropriate category for others to find, explore the other voicethreads (primarily for language learning at this point) and comment if you have the time. Lots of links to blog posts/screencasts on how to use Voicethread. A place just to get the basics about what voicethread is.

It is great to encourage this wonderful tool. I also have the wiki directory for voicethread listed but really find the wiki "non-interactive" or non web 2.0 and I would like educators to share much more through discussion , their use of this dynamic technology.

Your contribution is much appreciated.


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Hi David,
My year 7 Science class has been using Voicethread since the beginning of the year. Here are some linnks to our projects: (I couldn't seem to put them on your ning page)
Water cycle posters
Separating Mixtures
Parts of a Microscope
Australian Animals (1) - a project with a science class in New York
Australian Animals (2)
In the past I have been a part of several postcard exchanges and my students loved receiving the cards and information about each state. This year I wanted to try something new. I created a type of state information exchange using VoiceThread. The link is:


I am sending this posting out during summer in hopes that you will get familiar with VoiceThread and want to use it during the school year. I plan to have my students complete our state, Missouri, sometime in September. Please share this with any grade level, and/or government official, or anybody you see who could comment about their state as a way for our students to learn more about our great country. If you have any questions or comments my email is jalbers@lindberghschools.ws. Enjoy!
Jennifer do you want people to sign up for this or just contribute when they're ready? We're in California and since our 4th Graders study California this would be a natural fit for them. Are you having the whole class do one comment?

Thanks and I or several of our dedicated teachers will add. We are busy collecting / harvesting and will do our best.

I should have added that this is a basic phpbb forum. Meaning, you can browse no problem as a guest . click, find / discover voicethreads. But, if you want to post up a link to your voicethreads or your general voicethread collection or make any post at all -- you have to register. Just a three click deal. Agree / ID / PW and you are ready!


If you want to see samples of how teachers are using VoiceThread (in addition to EFL) - go to http://voicethread4education.wikispaces.com/ and see samples for all grades and subject areas. Feel free to add your own.



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