Hi, I'm compiling a list of permitted embeds for Yacapaca resources. We cannot just allow all embeds for security reasons, so we use a whitelist instead. I want to make the list as comprehensive as possible. Here is what I have so far:
  1. scribd.com
  2. teachertube.com
  3. youtube.com
  4. fora.tv
  5. brightcove.com
  6. slide.com
  7. qik.com
  8. myspacetv.com
  9. blip.tv

What's missing?

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Here are a few more to include:

Classroom20.com (of course!)

However long you make this list, plan on adding more. There is so much out there, and whitelisting is a tough way to go.
Clustr Maps are cool.

Snapshots are cool to me, though some find them annoying. (snap.com)

Answers.com provides a feature where my student can highlight (double-click) words on our blog (scholarlynx.blogspot.com) for their meanings.

I'll check out and consider all the embeds you've listed above. Thanks a lot,

Gerald Ardito showed me how to embed audio from National Public Radio's (USA) On the Media programs. Or was it New York Public Radio? Anyway, it is really easy to embed the code to get great supplementary features.
I used scribd.com to post, as a good example for my students, one of my college essays. Yet my high school might still block scribd.com because students can access essays to copy too easily. What do you think about scribd.com? Thanks,

Thanks Karen and Matt! Any more for any more?
I like zeemaps and sketchcast. Another one I've used is fo.reca.st.
Sketchcast! Of course! How could I have missed that from my original list. Thanks Mike!

Matt, I shall definitely include Scribd. I know some schools block it - but then everything is blocked by someone. Scribd is great service and a really good match for the kind of resources people build in Yacapaca.
What educational applications does sketchcast offer? Could I possibly use it in a literature class for seniors (17-18 year olds)?

And what is "Yacapaca"? I'll look into it, but you could help me better than a wild goose chase.
Happily, I can answer both questions in one fell swoop:

Thank you very much, Ian. I'm interested and inspired.
Very welcome. It's a singular pleasure when somebody really gets it.



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