Anyone Have School or District Plans to Use Cell Phone in Education?

Hello Classroom 2.0 community! You may remember my previous post about experience using cell phones in the classroom.

Thanks to those who replied. Now I need to know what school or district-wide strategies are being implemented to use cells as educational tools. Is this happening out there with others? Also, does anyone have links to research relating specifically to mobile phones as educational tools? Finally, are you or is someone you know experienced or an expert in this area who is willing to speak with the NYC DOE about their experience in this area? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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I would certainly be willing to share theory. I have no experience in this regard but I have been planning a mobile application to this end.
Terrific. If you could post that here, that would be great, or you can email me directly at

Thanks so much.
I am working on a national-level (UK) scheme to use cell phones for assessment. Yes, you are now *required* to bring your phone into the examination hall! Unfortunately I cannot divulge the details just yet, but I will certainly keep you in the loop if you are interested.

My name is Jackie Shriner, and I just happened to be looking at some of Lisa's responses when yours certainly caught my eye. I am VERY interested in your idea. PLEASE keep me in the loop! I teach at Wheeling Park High School in Wheeling, WV.
I am planning to use cell phones and specifically gabcast next year for extra credit assignments as a podcasting and means to access info. My district policy prohibits cell phones in the school and they may be willing to look at it on an isolated basis with me if I can show the benefit. Some of the issues I have which prohibit the mandatory use of them is the fact that "minutes" cost money. Access is also an issue as there are still some who do not have them. I will have to handle it in the same manner as I have with the internet activities-- must be an "option" to deal with the issues of access. I do hope to incorporate it as a tool to integrate with my podcasts on my site.

I haven't used cell phones.. yet. I'm teaching a course in Multimedia Communications this fall, and we'll be looking at cell phones as a way of reporting/chronicling, information (visual and audio).
I'm not sure if there's academic research on this, but there is evidence that this is a new mode of communication. I certainly understand the hesitancy of the district.
I teach at St. John's University, Staten Island Campus
Hi Lisa ( and all)

I had a some students sharing iPhones last year for a group when it first came out- mostly viewing and how to share and use applications.
This year, I will begin with a group who will be using it as part of a research study. Waiting for the software to be completed- will be posting some results as it progresses.
Sounds like we are all invested in exploring ways to utilize how to use these Powerful tools so many students carry daily for educational enhancement. I am pulling together my iPhone Users Group again this school year ( glad that Apple reduced the fees so more students are replacing their phones with iPhones. They have the service already-- just need to be respectful of the use of their minutes.
Will be doing more this year-- love the feedback.

Peg V.



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