Childrens Christmas Traditions

"Santa Claus is coming to the city" is a major Christmas carols that most children know. My children are no different. This song always reminds to be on their best behaviour or maybe Santa pass by their house on Christmas Eve. There are many ways to convince children to move and behave, but also no convincing that the hearing part of a song, "He knows when you've been good or bad, it must be good reasons for the good. " My kids are like most when it comes to dream and wish for the big day and all the magic that Christmas brings. They want to decorate the house lights and figurines, and everyone always had their favorites. The first thing my son wanted to see was the nursery he had done at school when he was 7 years. His professor at the church had received 20 Popsicle sticks for each child, but 5 were halved. His class sticks glued together in a house, with the reduction sticks are the sides. He made many as Lincoln newspapers have been designed, and a small Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus stuck on the bottom sticks. She made a nice center on television with a little red votive candle on each side.Our family had started to collect small ceramic houses. A new has been added for each child. One wanted the toy store, another wanted a church, and the last wanted a big house Victorian way. The introduction of the small village was our eldest daughter's choice as a second Christmas decorations to be displayed. We have always been on a red quilted fabric and it is beautiful with all the small lights in the indoor miniature lit night.The next to the decoration to put up Christmas was candles in the windows, with animation and Mrs. Santa Claus . A new tradition which began with our youngest son adding lighted wreaths in every window. Of course, I prefer the decoration was a big door with a golden crown angel in the middle and gold leaves and berries outside.Our around the greater family tradition going their aunt and uncle for dinner and exchange gifts. As they grew, they became part of the planning and implementation details of entertainment. One of the kids play at Christmas and they lead adults to their singing. Another cousin check online to see exactly where Santa was displayed on the radar screen and how he was going. The youngest children would be so excited hearing these details.Opening, after sharing a feast on Christmas Eve with the family, is the ultimate goal of our family get together. Children always delighted to receive a personalized ornament and something unique for their talents or interests. At the time we finished opening gifts, the radar showed Santa closer, which means it was time to go home and get ready for bed. The last tradition that we followed on Christmas Eve was reading the "Night before Christmas". The children have in their pajamas and go to bed, waiting to hear the sound of reindeer on the roof. They have so excited when they heard the Jingle Bells ring out. This has always been their index to close their eyes and begin to dream of what was to come. Traditions are wonderful because they let children know what to expect. Our children now have their own families and traditions, but many have grown they are still alive today in their homes. Angels, lighting, family and Santa are part of traditions that many families celebrate and are what makes the holidays so enjoyable.

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