I am interested in student loans specifically for obtaining an online degree, and actually I just want to know if there are such and are there any requirements, if so what are they ?

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Most accredited online universities offer financial aid and/or student loans. The only rule is that you must be a half time or full time student.
And what about scholarships? For loans... yes maybe there are no requirements at all except for the one without a doubt to be a student.
I know many of the schools give out scholarships. For instance, Capella University has a number of scholarships that they offer. For other scholarships, I would imagine it is up to the individual company and the criteria they set for the scholarship.

Jared :)
I was actually also wandering about something else. Would sound a little tricky, but it is logical and if it works it really is a whole in the system. It is about the credits you receive while attending a college or an online college. So if I have understood right, imagining the following situation:
Let's say I am admitted to an online degree course in what-so-ever Science and I study online for half/one year and I get the credits for 2 semesters. And right after that I want to shift to the normal on-campus form of education. Is it possible to take my credits and start from the 3rd semester avoiding the requirements for admittance (e.g SAT score) and so on? Thanks in advance for the answer!



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