Hi All,

Thanks again to Steve for the opportunity to be able to ask questions of such a knowledgeable group of educators.

Wearing one of my many hats as an educator trying to make money as a "freelancer" in Hong Kong, I am working with an international school that wants to have a model of using Electronic Whiteboards (we favor that name in Hong Kong as some teachers tend to not use them interactively) in Primary and Tablet PCs with wireless projectors in Secondary. I can see that many members of this forum are already thinking about and discussing this model in posts such as this one.

My problem is that I have been to vendors here in Hong Kong and none of them have experience of putting wireless projectors in schools. They have put them in commercial installations where they are able to do things like broadcast the same presentation in multiple rooms. They have no experience of having a classroom of devices which could potentially connect to the one projector.

A big question for me is whether to connect in Ad-hoc or infrastructure mode. I have discussed this issue on my own blog here. As a great enthusiast in the use of Web2.0 apps with students, I really see the Ad-hoc mode being limited due to the issue of not being able to display assets not stored on the tablet via the projector. I can however see another raft of issues with connecting projectors to the network infrastructure of the school. I am, however, not speaking from experience.

Is there anyone on this forum who can speak from experience?

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Have you talked to Paul White? What was he doing at NIST?
Sure did Jason.

NIST only had a few projectors in Ad-hoc mode.

I have now done the project and it works really well!!





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