Looking for Moodle tutorials or guides or anything worthwhile

I'm going to be teaching a class next fall using Moodle, to which I am new. I was hoping someone might have a suggestion or two for tutorials or help guides.

Lee Anne

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Moodle Docs would be my first stop for a reference.

One of the blogs I regularly read has a collection of Moodle posts. This is more from the admin/instructional design perspective, but it might be worth checking out.

Searching on Diigo for Moodle let me find the Moodle Tutorials site, which looks good at first glance.

Hopefully that will be enough to get you started!
Thanks Christy! How on earth do you know so much? Yes, I do need a little of the instructional design perspective, so thanks for that link, as well.
Thanks for posting this topic. I tried to get into Moodle sessions three times at NECC, but they were all filled. I'd like to check out Moodle tutorials as well.
One of my coworkers attended this year. She said it was great, as usual. It really has gotten awfully big, though.
Our district has just gone "moodle" so we had a 2-day training in June. I've found a number of video tutorials on teachertube (just search moodle). You can also take classes at eteacheracademy.com but there is a fee (I'm in one right now, but it's free through our district).
Great idea! Thanks so much.
I run a Moodle site at my school. Great system.

Here is a Help Course that allows Guests without a enrollment key.

You will see several links to various forms of help available on line.

There are several books available. If you are using 1.9 (which I highly recommend), try this: shrunklink.com/aupm (Moodle 1.9 E-Learning Course Development)

You can also download for free Jason Cole's book (older edition) Using Moodle: shrunklink.com/aupn


David Huston
Laurel School
Shaker Hts OH
I forgot the URL of the Help course:

Thank you! How wonderful.
You can also search Youtube for some tutorials for using Moodle. Sometimes I like to hear it and see it too, though my first course of action for learnng moodle would be to pick the brainpower of moodle users.
Thanks so much. These have all been great ideas!
I quickly skimmed what others have said, so this link may be a repeat. It's for a free Using Moodle book download. http://docs.moodle.org/en/Using_Moodle_book



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