2008 Research Results! Podcast listening is on the rise in all age groups!
Edison Media Research recently reported the results of its study of podcasting trends. See the Blog in the Maze for the details.

Do you see this translating to education as well? Will we see more receptive response for the use of podcasts in teaching?

What has been your experience?


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I know this reply is many months after the question was posed, but the answer to your question is yes. Universities are adopting podcasting in a big way, and students are eating it up.

I work on an internal Microsoft podcast website that works kind of like YouTube, users create and upload their own podcasts for consumption across Microsoft.

The platform is built on SharePoint so it fits into the already established infrastructure and security to keep it internal. We also offer the platform infrastructure code for free on Codeplex, to implement on SharePoint Server. This means that companies, schools and other organizations can all have their own internal podcasting platform that is secure and accessible only to those individuals who have access to their SharePoint network.
Hi Sue,

Hey, long time :) i love your last Empires of East Asia, i work a lot about chinese history too... the last movie of John Woo will be on screens next March 25th, so i have created this post it's in french but on the end you can find the chapters of The Romance of the three kingdoms telling the famous Red Cliffs Battle in 208, during the end of Han Dynasty... Easy to podcast :) . Here you have a poem "Mulberry on the Fields" from the great Warlord Cao Cao, both in chinese and in english...

About Podcasts, i think that the best way is podcasts created by students themselves, like this one, created by one of my 6th Grade: in english again and about China again :)

Trouvez plus de vidéos comme celle-ci sur L'Ecole Hors les Murs - School Beyond The Walls
Enjoy and keep in touch !

We have had a great amount of success with podcasting in my school, as we have saw a 11 percent jump in test scores after introducing an Apple Mobile Lab and Ipods to our classrooms.

Here are some sample podcasts. . .

Thanks for the info! How were you able to document the increases and attribute them to the podcasting? I have many individual success stories.

Sue P
I took a 3 test average prior to the using podcasting and Ipods in my classroom and compared it to a 3 test average after. I know this has some flaws and there is margin for other factors, but overall we saw a positive impact.

Just to see the engagement and excitement levels increase was encouraging to me.



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