Help Needed: Want to record screencast and audio interview together

I want to do a series of interviews on the use of Web 2.0 technologies for education, and want to record the screen display as well as the audio.

Has anyone done this who can give me some advice and point me to some good tools? I figure I have to have some ability to remotely view the other persons screen, a way to record that view, and then a way to put the audio and video together.


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The easiest and best screen recording (with audio on top of it) technology I've used is Camtasia Studio. You could export it to avi and then bring that into MovieMaker to edit. In terms of seeing the remote screen, if you're on Windows perhaps you could use the built in Remote Assistance or Remote Desktop to open a window that shows the other person's screen?
Not 100% confident but have you tried flashmeeting. You could always speak with Paul Harrington or Ted Dale who would have more reliable information.
You could use this version of Elluminate (, share the desktop, and record it using CamStudio (, edit using something like MovieMaker, upload to Google Video and you're done, without spending a penny! Good luck.
Now that's what I'm looking for! :) Good call. I'll try it out.
I suggest to record the desktop of other-side user as well as face of the other user with his audio.
It is possible with use of WebCam and related software. Audio with face, it will look nice for the final
video for delivery to end users.

- Seshagiri
Yes, I agree. Do you have software suggestions for either recording?
Steve, I note the solutions involving Camtasia. You can also use Captivate or ScreenCorder5 in the combination mentioned by Glenn.

However, a possible solution also is to find a teacher using a SmartBoard.
Check that person's documentation to see if the particular board has a Recording feature.
Many (SmartTech boards I know) will allow you to narrate and capture as you demonstrate on the board..then save this as a movie file.

At least three of my SmartBoard-using math teachers are presently posting their daily class math NOTES as .pdf files to their Blackboard suppot sites. I will introduce the movie making capabilities to them, when they are more comfortable with the Smartboards (they are new to them this past winter!). I think this solution, if you can implement it, will allow you to bring other ideas to the table for educators with whom you work.

I was going to mention that too--we use Mimeos instead of Smartboards, but they have a recording software, also, and it can capture the screen and audio.

One of our science teachers, Norman Morgan, is doing the same as you mentioned--posting his science lectures with the drawings, websites, and audio for students to use as reviews.

I've done one of these on using library databases and it worked pretty well. You do have to convert the video to a smaller file size when done.
Camtasia Studio is a great tool for this. Camstudio is a free tool that has some but not all of the same functionality. If you have the budget, Camtasia Studio is worth the money. If not, Camstudio works fine. You can use Windows Movie Maker or something similar to edit.



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