I am a school superintendent and I am looking for information concerning web uses for school superintendents. I thank you in advance for any ideas that you may be willing to share.

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I don't have any advice for you on this, but I just wanted to say how GREAT it is to see upper management get into Web 2.0!!!
Thanks, Stephanie
I do hope to find ways to use Web 2.0 as a superintendent and ways to bring this to the classrooms for the teachers.

Great idea. Can you tell us a little more about what your goals are with using Web 2.0? There are so many tools out there, we can start out by focusing on what you would like to accomplish.

For example, are you looking for tools to help with: collaboration, communication, or productivity? For your teachers, what aspects of the curriculum do you think could be enhanced with Web 2.0?
Hi Abby and thanks for your reply.
I am changing superintenendent jobs and I am looking at how to incorporate web 2.0 for teachers and students in my new school division. I would also like to use web 2.0 applications for communication with administrators and also begin a blog for the community.
Hi Gary,

I'm attaching an article you might be interested in that has a bunch of ideas on ways district leaders can use web 2.0 tools for communication (from the ISTE magazine this month).

I think beginning a blog for the community is an great way both to build communication and model the practices you want to encourage in the rest of the district. One concern I've heard about before with administrator blogging is in how much you want to open yourself up to feedback with the comments. One of the benefits of blogging is in how the comments can spark a dialogue with your readers, and though some criticism can provide constructive feedback, I'd consider what your policy would be for moderating non-constructive, off-topic comments. Maybe in describing your goals for the blog (in early posts and in talking about it with members of the community) you could also invite people to comment with questions or suggestions, and proactively set the tone.

As for incorporating web 2.0 for teachers and students, how is technology used currently in the district? How comfortable are teachers with technology? What kinds of professional development plans are in place? The strategy we're taking this year is to train a core group of teacher leaders over the course of the year to be really savvy in web 2.0, and build on that foundation to have the strategies "trickle down" to the rest of the staff.

Oops, this got longer than I expected! Send us the url to your blog when it's set up - I'd love to hear how things go with web 2.0 in your district this year!
I have been wanting to join an online community of superintendents for some time. Today, I mentioned it to one of our teachers and she sent me this link. Some of these comments are older (I will continue to look for newer ones), but I am curious rather you found something that was great that I could join.
Here are some sites that might be beneficial for a superintendent (great to see u on here btw). Also, are you a PC user or a Mac user?

http://en.ekpenso.com/ (mind mapping/planning)
http://www.timebridge.com/home.php (calendar/scheduling)
http://www.skype.com/ (free phone calls over internet)
http://www.classtools.net/ (great site for teachers)
http://www.marumushi.com/apps/newsmap/newsmap.cfm (reading the news)
http://voicethread.com/#home (probably the best and most popular 2.0 app for schools)

This is just a small list of a huge list of things u can find, you can also find more on my blog, hope this helps.



I have a post on my blog on this topic. Also Patsy Lanclos has a great technology academy for administrators.
Hello Mr. Blair

You could take a look at www.wiziq.com if you're looking for online communication.

Hello Mr. Blair,

I have a firm belief that educational change must be supported from the top on down. Without a leaders vision and support new initiatives often fail. I'd like to start a Classroom 2.0 group for administrators and aspiring administrators alike to share in their philosophies, values, and for general support in all areas of education.


Peter Carlson
Our superintendent, who is also new to the Web 2.0 idea, uses a blog to communicate with parents. He puts announcements on it, as well as general discussions about education. Parents and other community members can comment on the blogs.

One particular blog entry that was popular with our community was when he explained our new task force to discuss and implement 21st Century Education at the school. There was a lot of response and the parents were able to point out some very good ideas that we needed to think about in our planning.

Good luck!
Here are two links to a superintendents and principal's blog in our state.




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