Does anyone know of a teaching resource to help with Smart Boards - I don't have a clue - I need it for Junior High Math

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Lots of great stuff from SMART on their Educator Resources page. For example, search by 8th grade Math lessons and you get 27 results of files you can download and use in the classroom. Also be sure to check out Smart Exchange.
In the States, do you call all interactive whiteboards smartboards, or are they just the hitachi ones that have that brand name.

I have used promethean for 8+ years and know lots of good stuff you could use. Let me know if it's relevant??
It's becoming a common term (like Band-Aid, Xerox, etc) so it's tough to say but Smart holds a large chunk of the educational market currently with Promethean slowly creeping in on their marketshare. Unfortunately Promethean and Smart Notebook formats are incompatible as far as I know.
I'm not sure if this will answer your question or not--but I (as a Junior High Math teacher) love the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives .

Another good one is's Interactive Activities.

These are all web-based--so they can be used on any Interactive Whiteboard. Hope this helps.



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