I've heard a couple of references to web 3.0...so what is it?

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Here's a pretty good summary.

As I see it, these web 2.0 applications are beginning to connect and interact. Also, the advent of portable devises that can connect to these apps further drives a new stage of evolution. I'm beginning to see it happen.

I did a Google search and here is the Wikipedia entry for Web 3.0
In a nutshell:
Web 2.0 = the Social web
Web 3.0 = the Immersive web
Web 1.0 = cells
Web 2.0 = tissues
Web 3.0 = organs
Simple. Clear. I like this.
I agree that Web 3.0 is more a marketing term then anything else. If u search online you'll find terms such as the "semantic web" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Semantic_Web All, this is very interesting but until we can see it in action and how it works, it's all just speculation.

This article does provide some useful insight.

I agree with most of this post. All of the "web 3.0" posts I have seen have spoke about the "infrastructure" and connecting all of the web into a better type of system. A better way to find and locate information and a better way to "connect" everything.

However, who knows? If this was the case it would already be here. No one knows what "Web 3.0" is until it's already come and and we're in the middle of it. It's all speculation so far. But I agree that the openID and webdesktops (like eyeos) will somehow be apart of web 3.0. If I knew what it would be I would be rich :P
A good Web 3D/Web 3.0 piece today here:

I think it is just going to be a further blurring of the lines between the web and life. More and more people are connected to the web more than their are offline.
I agree. It is unhelpful to start talking about something new when web2.0 has only reached a minority of classrooms. This is reinforced by the above comments that expose web3.0 as a marketing tool; something us teachers should discourage otherwise we will start making the technology aware teachers exclusive, or more importantly, start to alienate those who are just making their way with web2.0.
Perish the thought that we are on the cusp of Web 3.0, most teachers in my district haven't mastered Web .50.



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