5th Grade Civilization Teachers Interested in Classroom Collaboration

I'm a 5th Grade Civilizations teacher. Units of study include Early Human Development, Early Farming, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Ancient Hebrews, China, and Greece. We use the text Message of Ancient Days. I'm interested in collaborating in sharing writing narratives or photo captioning between classrooms outside of my school. Help!! Thank you. Mbrownell

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I have some grade 6 colleagues you might like to meet. I'll send them a link to your post.
Thank you, Jane. I know that Message of Ancient Days is primarily a 6th grade text; I inherited its use when I came to my school. We don't cover the entire book in 5th, but any discussion with your colleagues in 6th would be good. What grades do you teach? subject? I also teach English and am a reading specialist/librarian...take care. Mary
There are lots of neat videos that kids can view on Utube. For my students here in India i downloaded them and shared over a CD to be taken home and reviewed...parents and kids were sharing and bonding
Thank you, Poonam. While I've used gallery pages stored in Smart Notebook, as well as some good sites for pictures and discussion, I've yet to incorporate videos for take-home. I don't know if this is possible, as I am a novice in my own virtual classroom life, but could you send me a copy of your CD? If there is anything I might help you with, please ask. Take care. mary
how do i send u a copy of the CD?, but i can teach it u to do that for urself, over a gtalk. pooteacher@gmail.com
I'm a 6th gr. teacher—one of a very tight team of 2, and a larger team of 4 total—who also teach units on Early Humans, basic archeology, and the ancient civilizations of the Fertile Crescent, sub-Saharan African, Egypt, India, China, and Greece.

Two of us just completed a great summer workshop titled "Reinventing Project-based Learning," with the "reinvent" being the inclusion of Web 2.0 tools. I came away thinking that I'd love to make a connection with another class for every unit a la Web 2.0.

A first idea I have is for both of our classes (yours and mine) to connect with a classroom in each part of the world that we study. Your and my class could respond as Americans (hmm, I'm assuming you're in the U.S. . . ) and discuss our American perspectives as we hear directly from kids and teacher(s) from outside our world.

I'm open to most anything at this point . . . until the kids come back in early Sept., and I of course run out of time. But I'd really like to make something work.

Brian Holte
Please contact me.
I teach those same topics in 6th grade and would be interested. We are working on Egypt now and will do Greece and Rome soon.
Where do you teach? I'm working with the homeroom teacher for this project. I am the librarian. Whitney Allen
Hey Whitney, I am in Illinois.
I see you're from Illinois. I do use extensively free online sources daily in my lessons. I have used voicethread.com, xtranormal.com, animoto.com, jigsawplanet.com, Celebrate Oklahoma Voices a learning ning, wikis (just recently), Google docs...I could go on. Must go for now. Whitney
Please keep me in your consideration for this "project". Whitney



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