Admit it. You love to snoop in other teacher's classrooms and steal ideas. You also enjoy sharing some of your own great ideas. So, post some pictures and add comments--collaborate! (That sounds a lot better than "stealing ideas" anyway!)
I can't wait to SEE some of your rooms! :-)

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LOVE the video of your classroom and NEAT idea of "anchoring" student tables with the book shelves at the end. THANKS for sharing!
Here are pictures of my classroom! I won't have my centers going for several weeks, so I have only the basics out right now!
Thanks for the link. My fave from your room? Gotta be the funky LAMP! Great find and looks PERFECT with the Chicka Chicka B-Board.

I also noticed your rolling easel. Aren't those great! Lucky you to have one with storage underneath.

I'm sure your cherubs will all feel right at home in your classroom. And yes, the plants WILL help "liven" the place up. And don't we ALL have bothersome boxes somewhere in our rooms? I found that just getting big rubbermaid containers that all look the same makes it at least seem a little more tidy (actually I went to the Dollar store and found cheap ones there). I've never met an El Ed teacher with enough storage in his/her classroom yet.

Thanks for sharing!
The "rubbermaid" containers are such a great idea!! I like that one better than hanging curtains from the ceiling. :) Thank you for the suggestion!

Our school bought rolling easels for all of the teachers. At first I was thinking "How am I going to have space for this thing?" but now I love it! It makes reading big books and charts so much easier and I love having the white board space for mini-lessons.

My teacher friend next door found the lamp. She got one for me and one for herself. I love it and so do the kiddos!
FINALLY- Here are the pics of my room- It took me awhile- but I DID it!
Check them out here!

Of course I'm not sure you to make this a hyperlink yet!
Hyperlink works just fine! And wow! You are doing a great job of making that "basement" look as inviting as possible! Good to keep those charts/b.boards almost empty and let them fill up w/students' learning as the year goes.

THANKS for sharing!



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