I'm working with teachers next week to prep them so they can present wikis to k-6 teachers. I would love examples and resources for k-6 wiki uses. Thanks! and hurry.


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Hi Erik, you can check out Anne Mirtschin's wiki at http://ejourneys.wikispaces.com/

Here are a couple that are works in progress. Our year 7 & 8 students use wikis as digital portfolios. But they are set to private so I can't share them with you. But I can share a pretend one that has a few examples to get you on your way. Just go to the link below.
Our grade 5 & 6 students also have their own wikis that they use to communicate with each other and store links, embed widgets and generally have a play with. We encourage them to do that so that when they get to Yr 7 they are quite familiar with the technology and can focus on the content of their portfolio.But again these are set to private so I can't really share a real one with you.
We also use wikis as portals for class work and have used them for younger students in that way.
I realise that these are not necessarily the usual way that wikis are used. But I think that the power is in the potential to make them any thing you want to.
Finally one more wiki which is probably a little more like the usual fare. The quality could be better I think but for a first go for our Year 7 students and their teacher it wasn't too bad.

Links for you
Wow, really helpful. Jemma's is not protected (fyi). Thanks again!
Thanks! These are great examples!
We've done 5 wikis for 5 different reasons, you can check them out here.
check out our Spice it Up a Notch with Nutmeg wikis at
Also, our What Makes a Good Discussion Response? lesson
and formative assessment

Also, some more examples of wikis used in education can be found here
Awesome! I'm on it!
hello friends,

i have to write a wiki project in group on a subject. i am quite green to it, actually. could you please give me any ideas or direct me to some how-to resources for it? my email is lifelong.edu.seeker@gmail.com.




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