I'm a new technology specialist who would like to start a tech club at our PK-3 campus. I haven't gotten this approved from the principal yet, but my thoughts are to select 8 third grade students for the fall semester and 8 second graders for the spring semester based on their grades and an interest in technology. I would love to hear what non-web 2.0 activities (currently blocked in my district) other elementary tech clubs are doing and how often/time they meet. Thanks!

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Eric, I'm thrilled you discovered our free CyberSmart Student Curriculum - but I just wanted to clarify that
Mc-Graw Hill - who did fund the initial version of this curriculum - is no longer distributing it. CyberSmart is!
And we just went through a full revision since it first came out in 2002. You'll want to check out our new cyberbullying package being distributed by the National School Boards Association, National Association of School Psychologists, Character Education Partnership and National Cyber Security Association. Plus consider downloading our free Educator Toolbar - go to www.cybersmart.org to explore all that we offer.

And I not your interest in making videos using the flip video - check out what we did with students in Africa
with this www.cybersmart.org/africa -- we are looking for schools interested in communicating with theses students in FRENCH - details are on the web site.



Mala Bawer, Executive Director, CyberSmart
I have a tech club for students in the 4 - 6 year old range. Sometimes I have the students partner up to use Kid Pix or Starfall and take the students one by one to do an interview. Other times they interview each other. To record I use either the macbook webcam or we use the Olympus Digital recorder. I make mp3 files or quicktime movie clips to send to their parents. Second and third graders are also old enough to create jpeg images in Kid Pix or take photos to use in voicethread. There are privacy settings for voicethread which should work out well for you. I've also used Scatch http://www.scratch.mit.edu with the second and third graders. Older kids are great mentors so I would recommend a mixed age group.
I brought home an Asus this weekend with Linux this weekend from my campus for my kiddos to play around with, and they LOVED it....they actually liked it better than my Macbook.
Hi... Are you still teaching a tech club? I saw your post from last year and would like to know what you did with your club. I'm just starting one at my school this week.
I run a video production club at a local high school. Often we choose another extracurricular activity, such as a sports team or play, which the students are also involved in. Other members of the team or group often request a copy when the project is done. It helps the students to know that there is a real world application to their creations.
Each year I offer them a general introduction to the techniques and technology, but for the most part I ask them what they want to learn.
I have helped numerous schools do what you are describing. Here are some helpful resources:

Starting a Student Support Team in Your School
5 Innovative Ideas for Student Teams that Support 21st Century Teac...
Creating Tech Wizards

Take a look at Student Support Team Lessons

Join our student support team group at http://ted21c.ning.com/group/isquadmousesquad

Thank you for these awesome resources!! I've accepted a new position as an Advanced Academics/GT Specialist at a service center, so I'm not a campus inst. tech any longer, but I've bookmarked this information to share with others. Happy New Year!



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