I'm coming up empty in a search for a good, modern web based gradebook.

What I'm finding so far are older clunky opensource projects.

Formerly opensource free projects without any import export.

A couple full blown (all or nothing) open source SIS tools

A very outdated/alpha stage Drupal module

Is there anything out there that would allow automated import/export?


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Nope - I wish I could say I found the winner. We are trying edu20 - but the teachers are complaining a bit about a lot of clicks to get assignments in. It also is very oriented toward self organizing as opposed to admin driven (which has plenty of issues). But so far it is OK and the design and look seems clear and clean. I'm automating some stuff with python (see http://www.edu20.org/community_forum/thread?thread=19540)

Take a look at: http://www.excelsiorsoftware.com/K12solutions/gradebook.aspx

Fully web-based built on AJAX technology -- just like Google Maps! Fast with no downloads and no plug-ins.
A platform independent application, the Pinnacle Gradebook is not only compatible with Internet Explorer, but with Safari and Firefox as well.
All new ergonomically designed and fully intuitive interface for reduced training requirements.
Fully integrates with your current SIS -- comprehensive standards tracking and reporting, grading capabilities, attendance, and more.
True standards-based gradebook delivers instant calculations of standards mastery.
Invaluable teacher tool to aid instructional decisions day-to-day in the classroom.

When you contact them ask for Brad Baird and tell him that Wally Katolik referred you.
Try: www.rubygrade.com
It's open source, and allows CVS import/export.
Our school just moved over to a web-based grading program called Gradelink. Check them out at www.gradelink.com. Parents can also enable alerts when students get certain grades. It's web-based. It has worked really well in our school. One thing that's nice is that you can give the IT guys a copy of your current report card, and they will create the template for you, so that you don't have to change the way your report card looks. It's not free though.
Hi Preston,

OpenAdmin is a really good up to date SIS system: http://richtech.ca/openadmin/ . If I understand you correctly, you are just looking for a grade book though, and do not want a full-blown Student Information System. So the other option I would recommend is Moodle. Moode can do both exporting and importing of grades with CSV or XML files. I have never been completely satisfied with the import/export utility, but it does do the job.



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