I have been using a "free" version of Switch Sound Format Converter to change my Audacity recordings to mp3 format to upload to my website. It has expired. Does anyone know a free converter that is really free. I don't want to go through iTunes, Podomatic or any of those places due to the "denied access" screens I get. Thanks-Peggy

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Hi Peggy, we use the lame mp3 encoder which is a free download enabling audacity to convert to mp3.
The aforementioned lame mp3 encoder also works as a plug in within audacity (and many other audio programs). It will allow you to export as an mp3.
We used it too and it worked like a charm. As a matter of fact doing podcasts was ridiculously easy. The hard part is finding a use for student podcasting that is worth the effort.
The resources wiki on podcasts is a gold mine of things about podcasting it also has links for audacity and the lame plug in. Lots of great examples, check out the lesson plans link.



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