During some recent conversations, it was mentioned that it would not be too long before students started bringing in laptops from home. What are your thoughts on letting students bring in thier own laptops, and putting them on the school wireless / wired network? I personally believe that if students need to have laptops during the school day, at school, that the school should provide them! I believe that allow those that can afford laptops to bring them in and use them during the school day, gives them an unfair advantage to those that can't. While there is not much we can do about what they have available at home, I do think we have an obligation to keep things as fair as possible at school. Grants and scholarships are awarded based on how well students do, and allowing those that can afford laptops, gives them an unfair advantage over those that can not. Also I see the wealthier students "picking" on the poorer students, who either can't afford a laptop, or that might bring in an older laptop ( kind of like the newer cell phones, to bag phones). I believe that if we want or need students to have laptops (or actually anything expensive) that the school should provide it! We don't make students purchase the books they are required to use in class, nor the tools they have to use in shop class, why should we require them to have to purchase thier own laptop! Or worse yet, go without, while those that can afford one, are allowed to bring them in.
Not to mention the headache that they would cause from a management stand point. These are my thoughts, am I wrong? What are your thoughts?

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Or maybe because we have been around a while, we tend to remember all the times that it didn't work out well, that we forget all the times it did. Most kids just haven't been around long enough to build up memories of when things didn't work as planned. Remember all the "stupid" things you did when you were a kid (I do), and I am amazed every time I think about my youth, that I am still alive today, to ponder my youth*LOL*. I think as they get older, they will probably be more like us now, and less like they are now! Just like us! With age we grow wiser and maybe a little more intimidated by it all. Just a thought. *S*
I'm in an odd place now. After 25 years of using tech in the classroom, being a national and state presenter, grant writer, blogger, webpage designer, blah, blah, blah I'm a bit tired. I probably should just quit reading blogs, hanging around social networks, etc. I see so much emphasis on the stuff and so little emphasis on thinking, teaching and learning. In some ways I miss the old days....*grin*



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