Hello all. I am putting together a teaching unit about information literacy and website reliability. I want to give my 7th graders a critical eye for evaluating the accuracy of website content. I have a couple of good links here but was wondering if any of you had some engaging lesson ideas or further links. Thanks for your advice. Here are the links I currently have:



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I've seen "fake" sites that look real. If you aren't familiar with them let me know and I'll see if I can rack my brain and remember where I saw them--it might even be here.
I found the discussion I was thinking of but I see you found it, too!!
Hi! Check out this page of websites to validate by Alan November. Pay close attention to the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus (fun!), and more seriously, to www.martinlutherking.org (hosted by Stormfront, a white supremacy group). I've used both to teach the importance of validating internet sources.
I encourage you to listen to Bob Sprankle's BLC Podcast that features Alan November's session titled "Teaching Zach Webliteracy." It will give you a ton of information to use in your instruction. Fantastic session, and fantastic Blog/Podcast here.
Hi Andrew,
The Illinois Math and Science Academy already has an entire free program to teach these materials to students. Please check it out at

I hope this helps.



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