Greetings all. I am working on a teaching unit about effective internet searching strategies. I wanted to create a fun culminating activity in the form of an Internet scavenger hunt. The students will have one class period to try to find the answers to a long list of questions. I would like them to use a variety of sources instead of 100% Google. Can anyone direct me to a good pre-existing Internet scavenger hunt that I could adapt to my lesson?

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Internet Scavenger Hunts have been around for 10 years or so and even though they are not rocket science they can expose your kids to some wonderful web resources. You might look here or here or here.

Since many of the hunts are old you may find a lot of broken links. Find the questions and links you want to use and put them all together on your website or blog. A quick peek at the Library of Congress and you could develop a hunt that would give your students wonderful opportunities to see primary documents like the Declaration of Independence, Elivis' visit to President Nixon, original slave journals, famous speeches (Kennedy, King, Roosevelt) video of Albert Einstein, etc. It would take some work but could be worth the time.

Remember, you'd only have to do it once and would be ready for next year. N.



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