Hello to all,

In an effort to mimic the iLife experience on a PC, I am wondering what the recommendations would be in terms of software. Although I know we will never achieve the same level of integration, the platform is a valuable one for instruction.

So far, we have some ideas that can be expanded upon, but are looking for more input and I could not think of a better place than here. We have looked at a variety of applications and have some ideas, but want to leave this fairly open.

This is what we have so far:
iTunes = iTunes
iPhoto = Picasa
iMovie = Movie Maker (as well as Photo Story)
iWeb = ?
iDVD = Windows DVD Maker (Vista)
Garageband = ? (We've played with a few apps, but need something ideal for Podcasting) We know of Audacity but are looking for better.

Also looking for suggestions for iWork.


I look forward to the responses.

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iPhone = Picasa? Perhaps you mean iPhoto?

Wouldn't Office = iWork? It seems like they are at least as interchangeable as the other programs.
As far as Garageband goes, I've heard that Acousta Mixcraft is fairly similar. I may try this one out myself. I've just moved from a Mac to a PC school and will be looking for good iLife substitutes. Hope this helps.
Have a look here:
I was recommended Acid Express as an alternative to Garageband - I've only had a brief look at it, but it looks good. The biggest disadvantage of not using Garageband is the lack of free loops. I have created Podcasts using Audacity, and found it adequate for my needs.
mediaworks does things ilife cannot do..picture in picture, timeline animation control..hopefully the new keynote09 addresses some of these issues.

mediaworks is a mac and PC application...recommended on the apple.com website as the only pc app that comes close to the interoperability of ilife

moveimaker=waste of time!
dropped frames after about 3 minutes, and lip sync mi-matches with the image

many PC users have found the best way to get the iLife experience...get a mac!

picasa for mac is now available, however, the latest iphoto09 will make it a challenge to decide which one to use



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