I've been getting an error message whenever I launch the Classroom 2.0 main page. It looks like this:

I'm running a MacBook using OSX10.5 and surfing in Firefox 3.0 - Anyone have a suggestion? It makes it tough to participate as much as I might - the page stalls significantly and this occurs every time I load the page. Wonder what the offending flash file is?

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I was about to mention this too. It's been going on for days. I don't know if it is Mac specific, but I get it on both my machines using Safari 3.1.2, FF2 and FF3 with plenty of RAM and processor. It happens every time I go to the main page unless I quickly click a link before the video loads.

Please make it go away!
yep, I get it too on IE and Firefox.
Are you using a Mac too? Just wondered if it is a Mac only thing?
Nope, PC and it's mostly on IE. I got it once on Firefox at school on an older version.
I've also been having the same problem on my MacBook running 10.4 and FF3
I am not sure which file is doing this, but it is rendering this site unusable for many of us!

Can somebody do something about it?
I've been getting it too - PC, through explorer.
I think the problem appears to be with the Photo section on the left side of the screen. Maybe someone uploaded a big picture or possibly a corrupted file.
I'm having the same prolblem...
it is something wrong with the photo section. either a bad file, really big picture or corrupt file.
I'm having the same problem with the same message when I click on on any of the member's images on my MacBook using either Safari or Firefox. I have to force quit each time. I can still access the forums.
Yes, I ´ve got the same problem since some days - using MacBook Air!
I hope Steve Hargadon is in contact with Ning to check this issue!



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