I would like to know whether any teacher / educator
produced (own / outsourced) VIDEO
for the benefit of their school / students?

If yes, can you share your experiences in this group?

Are you happy with the video produced or you would
like to improve the same or modify the same ?


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Hi - My school implemented a program using a product called Tegrity three years ago that allowed our teachers to put all of their lectures online as a video. All-in-all it has been a positive experience for teachers and students. It's a way for teachers to push that direct instruction piece to the web, so that students can access it in a timeframe that works for them. Sort of School 1.0 meets School 2.0.

There are far less expensive ways to do this today. Far less as in free. Steve had a question about recording sessions with another teacher in the forum this week. Take a look at some of the suggestions there. My suggestion, go with CamStudio (http://www.camstudio.org/) over PowerPoint, to Google Video (YouTube et. all) (http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-253623924159671429&hl=en).

If you want to do real video check out the SmallWonder video cam (http://www.amazon.com/EZ101-Wonder-Camcorder-1-5-Inch-Screen/dp/B00...) at an amazing price it'll usb straight into your computer after recording and then up to Google Video (etc) and share that link with your students.
I did our computer training as video. It went pretty well and got the kids excited. It was very different than previous years and gave us something to refer to throughout the year which saved lots of time.

http://byrdmiddle.org/ninja/?p=65 will get you a number of the videos (my favorite is the one on backing up).

I'm fairly pleased with the work but it did take some serious time and effort even for as little as I did. It's a combination of Final cut and snapz pro for the screenshots.
Thanks for the comments by Mr. Glenn Moses and Mr. Tom Woodword.
I saw some videos in TeacherTube website.
I observe two methods of being followed.
1) Producing video using Screencast software such as Camtasia Studio
2) Producing video using camera (Webcam, handycam, etc.)
Which one of the above two methods, will be effective for quick development of video content?
Feedback please!
- Seshagiri
My subject is music and for practical creative sessions I video record students' work, compress it to quicktime and post it in a discussion area in Moodle. The students love it; they are keen to view the videos (which builds their confidence) reflect on their experiences and offer peer support. I also find that recording at the end of the session motivates them to complete something of a high standard. I'm using iMovie - very quick and easy. Moodle automatically embeds the .mov files so no fancy coding to do.
I have dabbled with video recording elements of classroom lessons and hope to take this further next year. I plan to produce (with the students) a 3 minute recap of each lesson to post in Moodle, encouraging the students themselves to make content as I believe video is a great communication tool. I think this example of video to communicate has appeared elsewhere on this site but just in case you haven't seen it, here's the link.
We have a program we call Jaguars on the Air which is a daily broadcast in which daily announcements are made. Special videos like our Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies video, Detective Holly Series, Mrs. Food and many other special projects are all produced and shown on JOA and channel 7 (a local TV channel at 7 am and 4 pm daily). We are very please with the videos we produce. We put them in our library for our students to check out and they love them. Sue
In my IDS class, my teacher puts up readings on the moodle site as well as a video to reinforce the information. It definitely helps me because it puts what I read in sharper perspective and backs what I learned through my readings and lessons. I view educational videos as a kind of safety net: there to support what's being taught and to enhance the lesson.
This semester I started recording (flip camera) all of my lectures, and put them online (blip.tv). I have found that it is a great benefit for both students and myself. I have had several studnets who would have had to drop due to illness/injury keep up because they can watch the lectures at home. Every day during lab there is at least one student watching the lecture over again to remember how to do something. Last year I would have had to walk them through the steps again.

I also have created screen captures using different software to show specific skills.



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