Topic for Discussion: If you were new to using technology in the music classroom, what would be the first things you would want to know to get started? What might be the first items you'd recommend for someone to get and use in this position? And, what resources would you recommend for them to grow in understanding of technology in the music classroom? There are several books out there but most of them are not easily assessible or understandable for the amateur music techie and as such I'd like to find ways to reach out to those people and bring more people "to the dark side." Any suggestions?

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I really think the easiest thing to get one's feet wet is an interactive white board, simply because there are so many activities already out there ready to go. A music teacher who is getting used to technology can have a chance to use the materials and get excited about it before they have to make their own.

And, of course, an mp3 player is a godsend to the music teacher. I don't know anybody who has tried to use one and then gone back to using CD's.
I still use CDs in my music classroom but am willing to take that leap to using an mp3 player. I just don't know what kind of equipment I would need, aside from an mp3 player. Are there special chords I need to purchase? Would I need to buy speakers for my mp3 player or could I just hook it up to my classroom CD player? Your thoughts or advice?
I had a mentor English teacher who used her iPhone as the class stereo system. She played specific playlists for freewriting sessions... all she used was the iPhone, a USB cable and an iPod docking system with built-in speakers.
Erin, there are things out there you can use depending on your portability can get tunetalk for your iPod (would recommend an iPod Touch) just because of it's other function such as tuner, metronome, and many other things..or dock it straight into a speaker...there are so many mini hi fi systems these days with ipod docks....

Then just make up playlists for different really does cut down time!
(ps email me if you want any more help...)
Have you seen Hyperscore? We used it when it was free, now it costs money but it is neat.
Haven't used Hyperscore but have used the free version of Finale Notepad. How does it compare?
Don't know, we used Hyperscore for several years before they charged for it---I teach gifted kids, not music.
Great link. Thanks!
Great resource! I'm new to this, and a music educator. Looking forward to trying some of your suggested websites!
I would reccomend learning how to use a computer to record music, using Audacity or some similar software. One of our music teachers has his students record their practice sessions this way and then he listens to them on his IPod and evaluates them.
another thought--take it upon yourself as music person to tell the kids about piracy, copyright etc. Even I, who knows copyright backwards and forwards, got my hand slapped several years ago for a powerpoint with music I presented to the BOE!!! I thought I was following fair use---oops!!



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