Topic for Discussion: If you were new to using technology in the music classroom, what would be the first things you would want to know to get started? What might be the first items you'd recommend for someone to get and use in this position? And, what resources would you recommend for them to grow in understanding of technology in the music classroom? There are several books out there but most of them are not easily assessible or understandable for the amateur music techie and as such I'd like to find ways to reach out to those people and bring more people "to the dark side." Any suggestions?

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Getting students to record, share and reflect about their performance activities in class and in bands is a good way to get into music technology - and also skills up students without putting all the learning emphasis on the teacher.
Try Finale Notepad. I think it is by Smart Technologies. I did not read earlier post, so if it was mentioned already, apologize for the repeat.
I teach elementary music and my students really enjoy Music Ace by Harmonic Vision. They work at their own pace and the classroom is very much absorbed in learning music theory aurally, visually, and kinesthetically.
You can take a peek at my music class online here:

You'll want to check out the blog and the "learning links" and "games" tabs for some websites that you'll find useful.

Some software/websites I use often:
Audacity (run, don't walk and download this!)

Finale Notepad: Find the 2008 version of it and its free. Its amazing what you can do and what your kids can do with this!

PowerPoint Go to and click downloads for some great ones.

I use iTunes to organize all my music...lots of folders and playlists for everything. I rip all my CDs so that I can set up everything online.

JamStudio ( Free and awesome.

Super Duper Music Looper LOVE this...easy for all grade levels:

Noise Games: This sounds not amazing, but my middles schoolers love these activities. TONS of activities to use at a single workstation or with an IWB

Music Ace: I have a copy of this that I JUST started using. I like it. I think. It's by Harmonic VIsion.

Online Metronome: I create patterns for students to read with a number chart at different tempos. They love trying the fastest speed but are amazed that the slowest speed is more difficult!

Music Interactive Great on individual machines and on your IWB. I love all of these. They are very well done! You MUST try out Staff Wars (v1).

I use several apps on my iPhone in my classroom, a digital recorder (which is fabulous!), a video camera and a regular digital camera. I utilize a keyboard lab and students can create things on them that are exported as midi files.

As far as getting your feet wet, you are in the right place. I would also recommend joining the discussion list on, checking out this website: and this one:

A document camera is always a great start.  I love introducing music to students by putting it up on the document camera.  This way we can analyze the music as a class.  We can even make changes to the music as a class.

Interactive white boards are nice because there are so many music games and lessons made specifically for SmartBoards. 

Last I would say having the ability to record students is a nice addition to a music classroom at any level.  This forces them to focus more, take pride in their work, and get hands on experience using digital recorders.



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